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Group Vision & Mission

Group Vision

To be the leading International Korean dining provider globally.

Group Mission & Belief

To build a culture based on our RACER values & workplace inclusion to inspire our people to bring the best International Korean experience and enjoyment to everyone


Forster family/team relationship for company goals. This is the fundamental and foundation of building a family culture in our company.


Adopt a forward-looking mindset with action, constantly evolving new ideas to meet market demands and changes.


Possess a champion mindset and attitude for high standard by constantly upgrading ourselves and be the best we can be.


Empower each other so that each one can carry out their role and responsibility better as a team. We focus on one another’s strength and we will take initiative with the team to accomplish the objectives and job scope agreed for company goals.


Have a “Do not give up” attitude that is able to withstand or recover quickly from any difficult or challenging situation and never give up in our pursuit of excellence.

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