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Latest Plan of Expansion

Seoul Garden Group recently has successfully completed our three-year plan for April 2024 to Mar 2027. Building upon the success, we stand poised to embark on an ambitious journey towards doubling or even tripling our profitability over the next three years with more outlets and strategic comparative growth of 5% year on year.

Our expansion strategy encompasses a multifaceted approach, including the exploration of new territories, strategic joint ventures, 100% ownership initiatives, and franchising opportunities.

As we evolve and leverage the strengths of our three brands, we are committed to inviting partners to join us on this transformative journey. With a laser focus on growth, our immediate goal is to double the number of outlets for our various brands in Malaysia, Furthermore, we aim to replicate or exceed our Malaysian success in Indonesia within a decade, establishing a network of at least 50 outlets.

Following this trajectory, we will concurrently focus attention to the Philippines while keeping Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia as 2nd wave follow by Taiwan, and Australia as our next level of focus. In this manner, strategically expanding our footprint and solidifying our position as a dominant force in the region.

Be part of our global journey and expand with us! Get in touch with Franchise team today.

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